Some of the ways we work:

We bring people together to share experiences, ideas and connections. At our core, we are event marketers and content creators as well as event producers, and we recognise that how you engage with your audience pre-and-post event is as important as the big day itself. Here's how we do it:


Client Brief

We can take an event from concept to delivery, or focus on a particular challenge, be it content, audience generation or production. We'll work to your brief to deliver an event that makes you proud, delivers the desired results an is on budget.


Collaboration / Partnerships

We love finding projects that speak to our passions - particularly around tech, entrepreneurship or education. We relish working as a strategic partner to co-create a new event brand, and we are happy to embrace a shared risk model.  


Forgather Properties

We are in the business of creating events. So sometimes we build event properties of our own. Snowball, our annual ski retreat for tech leaders is a good example of this. 


We approach an event holistically. We’re comfortable providing a full outsourced solution but are also happy to partner with our clients on solving a particular challenge. Either way, we are committed to getting the absolute maximum value out of an event, building a community that lasts or simply sharing the content widely.