Things we love in February

New year, new website, new us and we’ve decided to document some of the many things we come across that inspire joy, amusement, creativity or intrigue. Here are a few of our favourite things this month…

Sprouting pencils

Ok, a bit of a cheat, as we discovered these a couple of months ago. Like Santa’s elves we wrapped up hundreds of these sprouting pencils and sent them to our nearest and dearest for Christmas. Now with the weather slowly getting warmer (sort of – we’re determinedly looking towards spring), we're ready to watch them blossom and grow. Once you’ve finished writing with these pencils you can turn them upside down, plant them and watch them transform into herbs or flowers. We picked strawberry and lavender - and we even got our name engraved on them.


This brand new boutique boxing gym launched in January and is set to revolutionise London’s fitness scene. Backed by IBF Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua, it offers state of the art facilities in the heart of Marylebone, complete with a team of top sports therapists and osteopaths on hand to provide pro-athlete level care (powered by our friend Dr Jack and his Centre for Health and Human Performance). We go just for the Joe & The Juice café which offers a bespoke fitness menu, including protein shakes and salads.

Scent Drops   

We love everything creative inventor duo Harvey & John produce – a Brighton-based company who describe themselves as ‘Like Q from James Bond (when he's on holiday)’. The latest innovation to catch our eye is their Scent Drops – a sensory experience dedicated to the 25 most used ingredients in perfume, created for the new “Grand Museé du Parfum” in Paris. Blending technology, design and sensory delight these beautiful white droplets house an individual scent, and a copper orb housed inside will talk to you about the ingredient inside. Now all we need is to find someone who needs an event in Paris – any takers?