Balderton Capital, one of the largest venture capital firms in Europe, wanted an event to help them forge stronger relationships with their CEOs, encourage peer to peer learning, and share the latest news on the firm. We were appointed to co-create and manage their inaugural retreat in September 2014, and have been their partner in designing and delivering this bi-annual event ever since.

Proud moments: 

  • Achieving a net promoter score of +95 when surveying guests on the 2018 event, with 98% of people rating it ‘excellent’.
  • Delivering a fascinating speaker line-up including trailblazing neuroscientist Moran Cerf, and cultural expert Erin Meyer, who decoded how cultural differences impact international business. Acclaimed by the CEOs as the most relevant speaker.
  • Playing our cards right against international poker player Patrik Antonius, the winner of the biggest pot in the history of online poker, at $1,356,947. In the post-dinner tournament one founder nearly took him…
  • Tackling entrepreneur burnout by offering yoga, wild running across the vineyard and frank story sharing sessions.
  • Hosting the event outside the UK for the first time in 2018 at La Coquillade in the Luberon region and forging life-long bonds over wine tasting, pétanque and our own ‘Tour de France’ road biking.  


“Outsourcing Balderton’s CEO Collective retreat to Belinda and Forgather meant we had a trusted partner to design and manage this important bi-annual event. It’s a discerning audience (both internally and externally) and Belinda shaped the event communications, developed the agenda with us and picked a venue that everyone loved. With Forgather sweating the details that made a difference to the experience, we could concentrate on the event’s participants – the CEOs/founders in our portfolio companies. I look forward to working together on the next big thing”.

Suranga Chandratillake – General Partner, Balderton

There were lots of serendipitous chats with other CEOs and partners, resulting in actionable next steps. I’m leaving with a bunch of things I want to follow up on.

Chris Morton, Co-Founder & CEO, Lyst.

Location and timing were both excellent, compact enough to be highly energetic throughout, expansive enough to refresh and think anew.

Ed Cooke, Co-Founder & CEO, Memrise.

It’s amazing feeling that we are a family of great entrepreneurs all looking to help each other if needed. And that’s powerful.

Karim Kaddoura, Co-Founder, Virtuo.

For us, scaling is key. To have so many people with actual helpful advice in one place - priceless!

Andreas Liffgarden, Co-Founder, Soundtrack Your Brand.

Not wanting to forget some favourite moments, below is a snapshot of the CEO Collective from Chicheley Hall in 2014, and when we took over Soho Farmhouse in 2016.