Snowball is one of our lovingly crafted Forgather owned event properties. Over the years we’ve built up an exclusive business community of well connected, inspirational thought leaders. They are the tech entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders on a course to change lives, and the world.

Each March, we meet for our annual ski event. An invitation-only, informal, private retreat set in a ski resort, designed to facilitate transformative introductions. We weave a rich thread of content throughout the event, tackling thought provoking issues from AI to genome sequencing, but there’s not a PowerPoint slide in sight. In short we meet, we eat, we ski, we learn. We’re proud to say the relationships we help build through Snowball have often proved life changing.


“If you get invited, don't even think twice - just go”. – Harry Briggs, BFG Ventures

After each Snowball event I walk away with new friends, genuine connections, bold ideas and massive inspiration to go out and change the world. – Melinda Lee Ferguson, CA Technologies

“Like Davos. But way funner”. – Gabbi Cahane, Investor

“This must be the best technology networking event in the world”. – Robin Voogd, OLX

“Only Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is brighter and more colourful than this crowd. A truly remarkable experience”. – Martin Fincham, LANSA

“An event full of energy and a catalyst of business relationships…Snowball is a nuclear reactor”. – Priya Lakhani, CENTURY