An event on a shoestring to launch - a luxury lifestyle guide for high net worth individuals with online content on topics from philanthropy to super yachts.  The audience of London influencers and luxury brands included senior folk from Alexander McQueen,  American Express, Princes Trust, Royal Academy, Tesla and Burgess Yachts.

Held at the down-at-heel Martinspeed Warehouse in Vauxhall, where works of art are packed and shipped, the event’s hook was Billionaire’s sponsorship of Encounter: the Royal Academy in Asia, featuring UK artists like Tracy Emin, David Hockney, Gillian Wearing and Grayson Perry. 

We embraced the raw warehouse environment and let the art speak for itself, with minimal draping, strategic use of builders' lights and packing cases for seating made comfy with a healthy supply of cushions. Branding inside and out: urban style stencils using chalk-based spray paint that was 100% biodegradable.  Food from the Black Dog pub next door and gallons of Bolly bought on offer from the local Majestic Wine warehouse.

Proud moments:

  • Hanging the pick of modern British Art and seeing this rather special event dressing bought off the wall - in this case a Grayson Perry print for £20,000. 

  • Getting one of the first Teslas in the UK to ferry a sprinkling of VIPs and then park up outside.

  • Our friends at The Sound Agency providing one of their innovative soundscapes played live by a computer, using probabilities programmed by experts to create a living, organic soundscape that never repeats itself and plays forever.

  • Producing a launch event for the London elite for under £20,000.