Forgather produced the exclusive launch event for ClubLounge39 – Europe’s largest technology accelerator’s private members club.

The launch, which hosted the movers and shakers of London’s tech scene, featured:

  • A promenade presentation with Level39 alumni and key technologists.
  • Personalised welcome text message powered by RFID technology from Level39 member, Reward Technologies.
  • A carefully curated collection of the latest tech-enabled art from across Europe.
  • Gastronomic delights including edible mist orbs and liquid nitrogen ice cream.
  • The first drone-enabled video featuring guests partying. 


"Last night was a roaring success. There are some very happy faces around Level39 today - and we certainly couldn't have done it without your hard work, advice and energy. I was very aware of the hours you were pulling to make it all come together - incredible stamina and I, for one, and extremely grateful for it!"

Sarah Paul, former Head of ClubLounge39